Banadad Trail

Submitted By: Eric Torvinen Trip Completed By: Eric Torvinen Trip Date: 3/2/2020 Disciplines: Splitboard Total Time: 4:23:35 Trip Report: First time on the trail, conditions were wonderful, navigation was straightforward. Look into Poplar Creek B&B to stay in one of the yurts. Leg 1: Splitboard – 4:23:35


Submitted By: Tony Stensland Trip Completed By: Tony Stensland Trip Date: 5/5/2017 Disciplines: Gravel Bike, Trail Run, Road Bike Total Time: 4:01:53 Trip Report: This occurred some time ago so I may not remember it perfectly but I recall riding out on some of may favorite gravel to reach the trail head. I carried with…

St. Louis River Paddle-Portage-Bike

Submitted by: Mike Ward Trip Completed by: Mike Ward Trip Date: 8/2/2019 Disciplines: Paddleboard, Walk, Gravel Bike Total Time: 6:33:00 Trip Report: Leg 1: Paddleboard 17.4 miles – 4:33:26 Transition: 0:03:00 Leg 2: Portage 0.7 miles – 0:14:12 Transition: 0:13:00 Leg 3: Bike 19.8 miles – 1:29:22