Submitted By: Mike Ward

Trip Completed By: Mike Ward

Trip Date: 5/31/2021

Disciplines: Paddleboard, Road Bike

Total Time: 2:56:45

Trip Report: I had done this great loop with fellow multisport adventure enthusiast Kyle Severson, but we did canoe and trail run together. This time, I wanted to try to rip on my 14′ racing-style SUP. The winds seemed to shift and I got really tired and the paddle took forever. It was really hard. Luckily, the bike went really fast, even on the singlespeed. Ultimately, I didn’t plan the mileage out super well. In perfect wind conditions this route could go much faster.

Leg 1: Paddleboard 9.4 miles – 2:24:36

Transition: 5:25
Leg 2: Road Bike 8.4 miles – 26:43

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