Submitted By: Mike Ward

Trip Completed By: Mike Ward

Trip Date: 5/17/2020

Disciplines: Gravel Bike, Trail Run

Total Time: 5:02:00

Trip Report: I knew I wanted to do a long run, and I also wanted to check out this section of Rossini Road north from the SHT trailhead on my gravel bike. I put together the loop, also excited to check out Drummond Grade and a connector on King Lake Road including some off-the-map sections. Sunday morning started off really windy and dreary, so I dawdled until around noon then hit it. It was still very windy, but fair temperature and dry. I parked at the SHT Sucker River Trailhead, packed my shoes onto my bike and pedaled Fox Farm Road, Two Harbors Road, Hill Road, Laine Road to Rossini, then Rossini Road to King Lake Road. The route was excellent with just .1 miles of non-gravel. Onto King Lake Road, I was careful to take the right path, and luckily had enough cell service to peruse the map. The road quickly became very rugged with large boulders strewn everywhere, and several large puddle crossings. My speed dramatically slowed. But, the path did connect to Drummond Grade. Cool! Onto Drummond, the wind was clearly at my back and I was zooming. Also, the road was flat, straight and fast. Right after my watch beeped for 30 miles, I found the SHT crossing. It wasn’t the trailhead, but maybe 1.5 miles southbound from the Lake County Demonstration Forest trailhead. I locked my bike to a tree in the ditch, switched my shoes and started off southbound on the SHT towards the Sucker River trailhead. Oof, that was tough to get the leggies churning. But after 5 minutes I felt pretty spry. I eased into my running rhythm and by the time I got to to Rossini Road trailhead I was moving really well. I wanted to hit 10 minutes per mile on average and I was right on track. I clicked off the next trailhead, and was certainly looking forward to finishing the run out. I noticed, about 10 miles in at this point, that I was probably running low on water and would have to conserve. My lips became chapped. When I crossed the Fox Farm Road trailhead marker, I noticed I had 5.0 miles left. I ate a gel and afforded myself a small sip of water. Then BOOM, I just couldn’t run anymore. I started walking up hills, and that was like a death blow. Once ya start walking… it’s hard to get back in gear. My right ankle was giving me grief, and I was sooo thirsty. The final three miles were tortuous, and my pace slipped considerably. But, I made it back to my car in just about 3 hours, for a total loop time of about 5 hours. This course is perfect! Extremely fun and enjoyable, and highly recommended.

Leg 1: Bike 30.5 miles – 2:07:55

April 21, 2024 11:00 pm
  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 30 miles
  • Time 12 h 15 min
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 1191 ft
  • Peak 1755 ft
  • Climb 1381 ft
  • Descent 1339 ft

Transition: 0:02:00
Leg 2: Trail Run 15.8 miles – 2:52:00

April 21, 2024 11:00 pm
  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 16 miles
  • Time 6 h 27 min
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 1283 ft
  • Peak 1670 ft
  • Climb 1965 ft
  • Descent 1998 ft

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