Chambers to Zoo Loop – Canoe/Trail Run

Submitted By: Mike Ward Trip Completed By: Mike Ward, Kyle Severson Trip Date: 7/28/2019 Disciplines: Canoe, Trail Run Total Time: 5:02:00 Trip Report: Kyle and I set out early (ish) in the morning with his heavy aluminum canoe strapped to his car. We headed down Hwy 23 towards the very Western edge of Duluth, to…

St. Louis River Paddle-Portage-Bike

Submitted by: Mike Ward Trip Completed by: Mike Ward Trip Date: 8/2/2019 Disciplines: Paddleboard, Walk, Gravel Bike Total Time: 6:33:00 Trip Report: Leg 1: Paddleboard 17.4 miles – 4:33:26 Transition: 0:03:00 Leg 2: Portage 0.7 miles – 0:14:12 Transition: 0:13:00 Leg 3: Bike 19.8 miles – 1:29:22